Bay Haven Charter Academy K-8

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Mission Statement

Our Vision:
High Expectations / High Achievement
Mission Statement:
As a Community School of "choice" for teachers, parents & students, our mission is to strive together to teach beyond the standards in order to meet each child's needs by motivating students to reach their unique potential.
Our Focus:
We believe that:
1. Learning is a life-long process.
2. Environment affects learning.
3. Every person can learn and achieve success.
4. Self-esteem is fundamental to individual fulfillment.
5. Education is both a privilege and a responsibility.
6. Every individual is entitled to equal opportunity.
7. Literacy and knowledge are fundamental to a free society.
8. Public education is a team effort including the home, school and community.
9. Every child is unique.
10. Children are the future.
11. Education can influence change to achieve progress.