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For the 2020/2021 school year, all Bay Haven and North Bay Haven rising 8th grade students are required to provide a Chromebook.  The Chromebooks may be any brand or model of Chromebook which includes a touchscreen. Bay Haven 8th grade is a 1-1 grade level, we require personally owned devices to be enrolled in our Google Domain to manage state testing, the devices are un-enrolled if the student moves or graduates. 
Many touchscreen Chromebook models also convert into a tablet mode, however this feature is not required and any touchscreen-capable Chromebook will suffice.  
We highly recommend the purchase of a protective case, as well as an extended warranty and/or accidental damage policy for the Chromebooks.  Bay Haven/North Bay Haven staff are unable to repair student Chromebooks. Students/parents will be responsible for having their devices repaired or replaced under warranty.