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Summer Work

Summer Work Rationale

Once again, Bay Haven Charter Academy is providing summer work for students to continue their learning throughout the summer. A strong research base supports the concept that students should continue learning throughout the summer to prevent regression of the progress made during the school year. You may review the research on this from Johns Hopkins University at Summer Learning. Select the link for “Research & Publications.”


For students in grades K-­-8, summer work is expected. Students who complete ALL the work assigned for the grade level they are moving into or participate in a summer enrichment or summer remediation program at our school will be counted as completing the summer work. Students complete the work for the grade level or course they are moving into this fall. For grades K-­-8, students who complete ALL the summer work are eligible to attend an incentive party. 

Elementary Work 
MS Math Summer Work Instructions
Step 1:
Select the appropriate work for the math course you are ENTERING. Some of these PDF files are very large and may take a while to download.  Please be patient.
Step 2:
Print out the worksheets in the file that applies to you and complete that set of worksheets.
Step 3:
Return these completed worksheets to your math teacher during the first week of school in August.
 Middle School Language Arts Work
As students select books to read, parents may want to check out these book review sites for more information on what children are reading. The sites below will help you guide your children's book selections. Bay Haven, Inc., does not endorse any reviews or review sites, but simply offers a variety of sites in order to help parents make informed decisions concerning their children's book choices. There are many other review sites for parents on the web and parents are strongly encouraged to do their research.